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 2020 Vision : Looking to the Future

2020 GCEL Inc. Conference Slideshow


March 9-11, 2020
35th Annual


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As COVID-19 continues to impact our communities, the executive board and planning committee of
Georgia Compensatory Educational Leaders (GCEL), Inc. extends gratitude for your commitment to service on behalf
of the students across the state. We encourage you to stay safe and stay strong.
Remember health care workers on the frontline of defense during this difficult time.

Response to this survey will assist with future planning of annual conferences of the GCEL organization.


2020 Annual Conference

Session List

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Session PowerPoints available below in alphabetical order

Strand Session Title
ALL All About Internal Controls
ALL A Deeper Look at the 1% Threshold for the Alternate Assessment
III A Blazing a Trail from the CLIP to the EL Program Plan to the Title IIIA Budget
ALL Building a Culture for STEM / STEAM
ALL CLIP/SIP, Pekins & SI Dashboard Overviews
II A CLIPPING Along with Title II, Part A for FY21
CON Connect with Consolidation - Join Cohort 5 in FY21
ALL Connecting the Academic Needs Identified During the LEA CLIP Process to MEP MPO’s
CON Consolidation of Funds - 3 Years of Effectiveness Data
ALL Coordination and Connectivity: Maximizing Federal Programs Collaboration for Student Success
FPC Dive into ESSA Professional Development Definition and Allowability of Funding Conferences
EQU Equitable Services Updates: ES4PS and Non-Regulatory Guidance

Evidence-Based Practices 101- The Basics

ALL Heart Matters - Wellness Check
ALL Help!!! Do I call 4-1-1 or 9-1-1? Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities
HFN Homeless Education: Three for One
I A How to Survive and Thrive as a Title I Director----A Timeline for Implementing, Monitoring, and Determining the Effectiveness of the Title I Program
PFE Implementing and Monitoring an Early Warning System
PFE In the Trenches: Constructing Powerful Partnerships Part I
PFE In the Trenches: Constructing Powerful Partnerships Part II
PFE Leveraging Federal Funding Processes When Measuring Professional Learning Effectiveness
PFE Leveraging Federal Funds for Successful EL Language Services – Without Title IIIA Help!
PRO Making ESSA Professional Qualifications (PQ) & In-Field Easy
GADOE Meet with GaDOE: Title I, Part ; Title II, Part A; Title III, Title IV, Part A: and IDEA
MTS MTSS:  Readiness Factors for Implementing Tier I with Quality Instruction
II A Rejection: It Hurts! How to get Your Title II, Part A Budget Approved
ALL Removing Barriers to Meaningful Parent-School Partnerships
V B Rural District Challenges as We Move into the Future
PFE Stakeholder Engagement: Setting the Collaborative Table
ALL Test Your Knowledge - Federal Programs Fiscal Q&A
I A Tips to Implement, Monitor and Measure Effectiveness of Your Title I Program
HFN Trauma-Informed Support for Children Experiencing Homelessness
HFN Understanding the Rights and Protections of Unaccompanied Youth
CHT Unified Support for Charter Schools
ALL Using the SI Dashboard for Equity and School Improvement
ALL What's NEW in SLDS
III A Working Smarter with EL Data


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